At least once a year, we at House of Pistard like to go out of our way to offend some section of the community. This year we've decided to lay off Fixed Gear Freestylers, so here goes:

Merry Fucking Christmas

I don't know or care if these posters went up anywhere outside London* so here's an explanation:
About 3 years ago some PR company put up signs around town that read "Every time a cyclist jumps a red light God kills a kitten." The day they went up one of the other Creative riders was delivering to that very PR company so they asked what it was all about but to be honest I've forgotten now and I think I probably forgot about an hour after I was told.

I kinda wish we'd thought of this at the time but sometimes it can be hard to think.

*Like everyone who lives in London but wasn't born there, I moved here because I'm special and felt that my hometown wasn't able to cope with my awesomeness. So instead of trying to make where I come from better I jumped ship to a place where everything is already set up for me to be effortlessly awesome, and as such I don't really give a fuck about anything that happens elsewhere. Hell, there's even some postcodes I don't give a shit about... I'm looking at you SW11.