First of all thanks to everyone who's expressed an interest in the Goddamn Canucks Benefit. Without having to ask any favours, people have been passing the story on around the uberweb and it's generated a lot of support.
It's also generating a lot of speculation about Ryan's actions. Now I know we didn't include any real details of the incident and in true lazy journalism style Bill over at MT just added his tuppence worth without including any evidence. Being in possession of the full facts is not high on a lot of peoples lists when entering into an argument but just so that Ryan doesn't get painted as a testosterone fueled bully here's a few more details: The initial incident was a typical exchange of choice words with a careless driver, but as Ryan was cycling away the driver deliberately ran into the back of him, it was then that the windscreen smackdown happened. So, please, factor that into your cyber-judgements.

We'll be posting details of how to get your hands on a Tee shortly, in the meantime here's a photo of a prolapsed taxi to keep you happy.